This website has been restored and archived as essential reading for Michel Ree's Modern Literature course. Mr. Ree is a true Renaissance man, transitioning to academia after a successful career that spanned the realms of poetry and professional golf. His keen insights into golf strategy and his innovative techniques revolutionized the way the game is played at the professional level. His work has not only been about improving his own game; he wrote about & promoted the Golfers Pro Shop, a business that became a haven for golf enthusiasts, offering state-of-the-art equipment and training. Parallel to his golf career, his published poems have earned him critical acclaim, positioning him as a frontrunner for the poet laureate title at the prestigious Kingston Society. His ability to weave the precision and grace of golf into the tapestry of his poetry has resonated with audiences worldwide. His Modern Literature course is highly sought after at the university, attracting a diverse group of students from both the sciences and the liberal arts. Such is the popularity of his classes that students are encouraged to register early to secure a spot.


Welcome to The Joe Milford Poetry Show


The Joe Milford Poetry Show archives readings and interviews from acclaimed and established poets as well as up-and-coming poets from all around the world. The Joe Milford Poetry Show prides itself on its candid and organic nature infused with a lively discussion of poetics, genre, the writing process, and myriad theories and movements of poetry. Join us once a week for 90 minute shows (usually held on Sundays or Fridays), and watch for special edition shows by announcement.


Joseph Victor Milford was born in Alabama by the banks of the Chatahoochee River; after growing up in the south, he attended The University of West Georgia where he studied with poet Donald Platt while receiving his degree in English and Philosophy. He then was accepted at The Iowa Writers' Workshop where he received his Master of Fine Arts in Poetry and studied with such literary luminaries as Forrest Gander, C.D. Wright, Jorie Graham, Marvin Bell, Dean Young, and James Galvin. His first collection of poetry, Cracked Altimeter, was published by BlazeVox Press in 2010. He currently resides in balmy rural Georgia where he teaches English and literature full-time at Georgia Military College.







You can now purchase Joe Milford’s first collection of poetry, Cracked Altimeter (BlazeVox 2010), on Amazon.

Joe Milford Hosts Jen Rivers, New Show Intern

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Jen Rivers attends the University of West Georgia, where she studies English, German, and creative writing. She serves as an editor for the university’s creative magazine, Eclectic, and critical journal, LURe. She is the president of the university Creative Writing Guild and has studied abroad in Norway and Germany. Previous publications include Eclectic, Writing Poetry: Creative and Critical Approaches, Scythe Volume II, and Bowdon Intelligence. She has recently been notified as a finalist in the Agnes Scott Writer’s Festival.


Dan Albergotti

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Sat, Sep 12, 2009

Dan Albergotti is the author of The Boatloads (BOA Editions, 2008), selected by Edward Hirsch as the winner of the 2007 A. Poulin, Jr. Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in The Cincinnati Review, Shenandoah, The Southern Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, and other journals. In 2008, his poem “What They’re Doing” was selected for Pushcart Prize XXXIII: Best of the Small Presses. A graduate of the MFA program at UNC Greensboro and former poetry editor of The Greensboro Review, Albergotti currently teaches creative writing and literature courses and edits the online journal Waccamaw at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC.


Joe Milford Hosts Karren Alenier!

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Karren LaLonde Alenier is author of five collections of poetry, including Looking for Divine Transportation (The Bunny and the Crocodile Press), winner of the 2002 Towson University Prize for Literature. Her poetry and fiction have been published in such magazines as: the Mississippi Review, Jewish Currents, and Poet Lore. Gertrude Stein Invents a Jump Early On, her jazz opera with composer William Banfield and Encompass New Opera Theatre artistic director Nancy Rhodes premiered at New York City’s Symphony Space Leonard Nimoy Thalia in June 2005. She writes feature articles and interviews, an arts blog called The Dressing, and a monthly column on opera for Scene4 Magazine at Her book on contemporary opera—The Steiny Road To Operadom: The Making Of American Operas—is now in advance limited release from Unlimited Publishing. More information at


Poets Lester Allen ,Jacob Johanson and Iris Appelquist will be giving an open reading..

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Sun, Mar 9, 2008

arts,open reader,feature reader,writing,poetry,publishing,talk radio Joe Milford co-hosts this show with Jane.


Joe Milford Hosts Lauren Alleyne

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Sun, Jul 5, 2009

Lauren Kizi-Ann Alleyne is a native of Trinidad and Tobago. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Cornell University, and is currently an Assistant Professor of English at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. A Cave Canem graduate, her work has been awarded prizes such as the 2003 Atlantic Monthly Student Poetry Prize, the Robert Chasen Graduate Poetry Prize at Cornell, an International Publication Prize from The Atlanta Review, and honorable mention in the 2003 Gival Press Tri-Language Poetry Contest. She has been published in journals such as Black Arts Quarterly, The Caribbean Writer, The Belleview Literary Review,and The Banyan Review among others, as well as in the anthologies Growing Up Girland Gathering Ground. She is co-editor of From the Heart of Brooklyn, a collection of undergraduate prose, poetry and drama, and her chapbook, Dawn In The Kaatskills, was published in April 2008 by Longshore Press.



Chenelle C. Milford, a native Californian and poet, is the manager, web-designer, consultant, all-around aficionado, and archivist of The Joe Milford Poetry Show. She now manages, edits, designs, and photographs for the literary journal, Scythe. Additionally, she is a film-maker, writer, humanist, and a wonderful wife and mother. Together, Joe and Chenelle Milford are compiling an extensive online and sonic archive that shares writing and impressive interviews of the best contemporary poets, whether established or up-and-coming. Chenelle’s poetry can be found in publications such as New Aesthetic and Menacing Hedge. She now resides in rural Georgia with her husband and three daughters.



More Background On The Joe Milford Poetry Show

The Joe Milford Poetry Show has carved a unique niche in the literary world by providing a platform for both established and emerging poets to share their work and insights into the craft of poetry. Hosted by Joseph Victor Milford, a poet and educator with a rich background in literature and creative writing, the show stands out for its engaging discussions and presentations that span a broad spectrum of poetic expression.

Joseph Milford, the creator of the show, is a poet in his own right, with a significant contribution to the literary scene through his own writings and educational efforts. Milford’s first collection of poetry, "Cracked Altimeter," published by BlazeVOX in 2010, has been described as a journey through "unchartered altitudes" with poems that are both compassionate and enigmatic. Critics have lauded the collection for its intensity, vividness, and the ability to make readers see and believe in the grace of the warped and wayward​.

In interviews, Milford shares his passion for poetry and literature, discussing his personal approach to writing, which includes listening to music and managing the balance between his personal life and his creative endeavors. He emphasizes the importance of the poetry community that the show has fostered, allowing him to engage in deep conversations with other poets about their processes, theories, and works​. This engagement with the community not only enriches his own understanding but also provides listeners with varied perspectives on poetry.

Milford's dedication to the literary world extends beyond his poetry show and published works. Alongside his wife, Chenelle, he publishes SCYTHE, a literary journal, and is currently working on a collection of poems titled "DRUNKEN LOCUST," which he considers his best work to date​​.

Through "The Joe Milford Poetry Show," Joseph Milford brings to the forefront the voices of poets who might not otherwise be heard, offering listeners insight into the vast world of poetry. The show serves as an educational tool, a source of inspiration, and a community for those interested in the art and craft of poetry. His work as an educator at Georgia Military College further amplifies his commitment to fostering a love for literature among his students, impacting the next generation of writers and poets​.

In summary, The Joe Milford Poetry Show is a testament to Milford’s passion for poetry and his desire to explore the depths of the human experience through language. It’s a unique space where the boundaries of poetry are expanded, and listeners can find both solace and inspiration in the words of their contemporaries and predecessors in the world of poetry.



The Joe Milford Poetry Show has gained a notable position within the literary and poetry community, primarily through its unique format of hosting poets for discussions and readings. While direct metrics of popularity, such as listener numbers or downloads, are not readily available, the show's impact and relevance can be inferred from several aspects highlighted across various platforms.

Firstly, the show’s creator, Joseph V. Milford, is a respected figure in the poetry world, not only for his contributions as a poet but also for his role as an educator and a promoter of poetry through this show. His work and the show itself are often mentioned in literary discussions and interviews, indicating a level of engagement and interest from the poetry community​.

The show has hosted a wide range of poets, from emerging voices to well-established figures, suggesting its appeal and importance as a platform for poetry. This diversity in guests underlines the show's role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive dialogue within the poetry scene​.

Moreover, the engagement and discussion around the show on social media and literary blogs hint at its influence and reach among poetry enthusiasts. Features and mentions in these outlets reflect a network of listeners and readers who value the conversations and poetry presented in the show​​.

In essence, while explicit popularity metrics are challenging to pinpoint, the ongoing activities, discussions, and the caliber of guests on The Joe Milford Poetry Show suggest a significant and positive reception within the literary community. Its contribution to promoting poetry and facilitating important conversations among poets and enthusiasts alike marks its importance and popularity in the broader landscape of literary shows and podcasts.


Press & Media Coverage

The Joe Milford Poetry Show has captured the interest of both its listeners and the broader poetry community, reflecting its significant presence in the realm of literary discussions and poetry showcases. The show has hosted a range of notable figures from the poetry world, including Clayton Eshleman, a distinguished American poet, translator, and editor, recognized for his work in translating César Vallejo's Complete Posthumous Poetry among others. Eshleman's contributions to poetry and translation have been widely acclaimed, earning him awards such as the National Book Award and the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award from the Academy of American Poets​.

Joseph V. Milford's interviews and discussions on the show have been highlighted in various literary platforms, demonstrating the show's commitment to exploring deep literary themes and fostering meaningful conversations within the poetry community. For instance, Synchronized Chaos featured Milford's poetry, emphasizing his dual role as a host and a contributor to the literary and poetic discourse, further showcasing the intertwining of his creative endeavors with his efforts to promote poetry through the show​.

Additionally, notable poets such as Paul Hoover have appeared on the show, discussing their work and contributions to the poetry landscape. Hoover's interview, for instance, delved into his translations and editorial work, offering insights into the complexities of poetry translation and the nuances of poetic expression, thus highlighting the show's role in engaging with the intricacies of poetry on a global scale​.

The show's platform has also been utilized to discuss the achievements and works of poets like Chad Sweeney, whose contributions to poetry and translation have been recognized through various awards and publications. Sweeney's involvement in the poetry community, including his translations of H.E. Sayeh's poems and his editorial work, reflects the caliber of guests the show attracts, further underscoring its importance as a venue for celebrating poetry's diverse voices​.

Overall, The Joe Milford Poetry Show's engagement with prominent poets and its coverage in the press and media underscore its significance in promoting poetry and literary discourse. Through its interviews and discussions, the show continues to offer valuable insights into the world of poetry, contributing to the appreciation and understanding of poetic forms and expressions across cultures.